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- SEP 16 2013 -

Loose Balls by Carl Wayne Denney

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Carl Wayne Denney

With the current state of football at all levels continuing to become amazing, for lack of a better word, here are some surprises of late:

Johnny Manziel continues to prove he is the best quarterback at the collegiate level. His total of 984 passing yards over two and a half games (63 of 89 with 3 INT) and 27 carries for 153 yards and a touchdown has ramped up the Heisman Hype to a new level already. The Alabama Crimson Tide continues to be a juggernaut the way they have been in complete control of every game they have played. Their domination of both Virginia Tech (no slouch) and Texas A&M (despite the close score – the game was a three touchdown lead early on) has the college football wondering whether they will ever be toppled over their perch atop the standings the rest of the way. The SEC is one tough conference and it is likely they will face some bumpy challenges but the likelihood is that they will be undefeated once the National Championship matchup is determined the end of December.

The Washington Redskins have a 0-2 start and much to worry about. Their offense has been nil. Their defense has been a sieve. Griffith has been everywhere and nowhere on the field. The owner has been reclusive (a reprieve from when he has been everywhere) and combative about the name issue that has been plaguing the team the past few years. Do I care about the Redskins? No. But am I interested in the drams swirling around the team? Yes.

Gallaudet has gone 2-0 the first two weeks of the season. That’s great news. The victories (31-20 over Shenandoah and 38-14 over Apprentice School) have given the Deaf Community a boost. Their identity has continued to become a very glorious one, despite the fact that there seems to be no Deaf coaches on the staff – which begats a question: where are they?

The Indiana School for the Deaf’s 4-0 start has galvanized an community that has suffered for a long time since the departure of then HC Mike Paulone’s glory days. With Garret Wooten instilling confidence and the Pistol Offense, the Orioles are looking towards a National Championship season. With Florida and Maryland coming to their home field in October, those two matchups can determine the Orioles future.

The USFFD tournament is coming up in less than 6 weeks. Taking place at Clinton, Maryland – who will be the dominant flag Football team in the Deaf Community? My money continues to be on the Showstoppers – with their youth, speed and fine coaching.